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How to make the best landing page for your website.

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Here at Loud Crowd Agency, the standard fundamentals and significance of setting up a successful Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising campaign have been talked about in greater detail. Between these two powerful techniques, there is one very important element common that is crucial for digital marketing success – the landing page.

Both SEO and PPC are designed with a common objective in mind: drive targeted traffic to a particular web page. This web page could often be your website’s main homepage, or an independent landing page. However, it would do you no real advantage at all to get all these targeted traffic if no profitable result in terms of lead generation or sales – will come out from these visits.

That is why optimizing a precise landing page is very important for the success of both your PPC and SEO campaigns. Each time a visitor clicks on your PPC advertising or click on the URLs that appear in organic search results, the greatest action that you would want for them to take is to transform that targeted visitor either as a generated lead or even a sale. This is where a effective, optimized and targeted landing page comes into play.

Recognizing What Landing Page Optimization (LPO) Is

For business owners, the landing page could be the most vital element in their overall digital marketing campaign, as these pages are mainly dependable for converting traffic either as targeted leads or sales. This particular function is what landing pages were created for and the process named Landing Page Optimization (LPO) is what you’ll need to ensure landing pages are well-targeted and optimized for conversion.

It is essential that you fully understand how you can fully optimize a focused landing page as it is critical for the success of either your PPC or SEO campaign. The page must be optimized not only to provide relevant information that your targeted visitors will find very useful for what they need, the landing pages must also possess the ability of effectively selling the product or service you are promoting. It would simply be a waste of your time and resources to draw in focused visitors to a page that performs nothing in the way of conversion – in generating leads or sales.

What a precise Landing Page Does for Your PPC and SEO Campaign

Optimizing a targeted landing page that can work quite successfully for either your SEO or PPC strategies should be on top of your overall digital marketing initiatives. There are many benefits in doing so and the following will give you an understanding of what your brand or business can get through an optimized landing page.

1. Landing Page marketing Leads to More sales

As pointed out earlier, landing pages are structured to transform traffic into either a lead or a sale, and landing page optimization ensures that every visit gained by either your PPC ad campaign or through an organic search engine result will have higher chances of conversion. You would only waste valuable resources if all your PPC and SEO works are producing clicks that will not lead to conversion because of a badly designed landing page.

So, whether you are fishing for descriptive contact information about your visitors or trying to create a sale, the optimization of your landing page is vital in converting each visit to what you have purposed them to accomplish. With more conversions, which could eventually lead to more sales, the gains for your SEO and PPC investments can be realized sooner than what you may think.

2. Landing Page Optimization Provides You With Better Metrics

One of the advantages of digital marketing with conventional marketing is the ability to get various kinds of metrics and figures that can help you plan your next stages. Your landing pages can be structured to integrate analytics and measurements system to give you an understanding of what is effective in your campaigns, and what is not.

An example of a valuable type of metrics that is worthy of monitoring is the bounce rate. If you have very significant bounce rates, then you should consider how your landing pages were developed and optimized. Identifying the cause can help you make modifications on your landing pages, focusing only on what is performing for your campaign and mastering the ins-and-outs of what needs to be done to perfect your landing pages.

3. Landing Page promoting Helps You Cut Advertising fees

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising involves cost. This is a well known fact and was well-explained as necessary to ensure your ads compete for relevant keywords that will drive targeted traffic to your websites. However, it would be detrimental to your overall business performance if you keep on purchasing on ad placements without receiving or realizing tangible results in terms of sales. An optimized landing page can help you get more sales without spending extra on your advertising fees. You can also re-focus the savings you receive on extra PPC advertisments for other keywords.

4. Landing Page Optimization Helps focus Highly unique Keyword Phrases

Search Engine Optimization flourishes in concentrating specific keyword words to drive in focused audiences for your website. However, there are certain long tail or keyword phrases that are basically too difficult to integrate into your main website pages. An optimized targeted landing page would be perfect for targeting these extremely specific keyword phrases, making it easier for you to rank in search engine results. These highly specific keyword phrases are very significant for your overall digital marketing campaign as these can be focused for consumers already looking for highly specific companies, products and services – and has the strongest possibility for conversion.

5. Landing Page Optimization Increases Your Brand Reputability

There are many ways in producing an optimized and targeted landing page. Some of the most crucial elements that should be incorporated into the landing page include valuable customer testimonials as well as your corporate or specialist credentials, awards and accomplishments. These elements will help convince prospective customers that they are working with the real deal company and they should be getting the right kind of customer service that they deserve. These will also develop a increasing trustworthiness for your brand, product or service, increasing your online recognition and solidifying the trust your customers have for your business.

An outline of How to improve Targeted Landing Pages

The process of improving targeted landing pages can go very complex and extremely detailed that it would need a separate set of articles just to clearly explain each important step and element to really make your campaign work. For now, the following short overviews can give you an understanding on some of these essential steps on how you can efficiently and successfully optimize your landing page for greater conversion.

1. Optimize Your Landing Page design

Visuals and how your landing page will look and feel is crucial for its success that is why it is an important consideration to include during optimization. This can all boil down to optimizing the theme you are using for your landing page. Even though landing pages are independent or separate from your primary website, the layout should match or complement your main website layout, particularly with the use of specific set of color styles, graphics that consist of your company logo, and other visual elements utilized in your main website. This can improve brand awareness as well as giving them more encouragement to ultimately take action and convert.

2. Optimize Your Landing Page information

Content is very important, and is in fact the most important aspect in your overall campaign. This applies to the material that you will be using in perfecting your landing page. Perfecting your landing page content involves developing a very strong and keyword-enhanced title that will attract visitors to read more of your content and what you have to offer. In a similar manner, your main content should be created well, delivering relevant information about what you are providing, and enticing them with a clear call to action – and a worthwhile response.

3. Optimize Your Landing Page Form

Landing page is created to transform visitors into either leads or sales. Optimizing your targeted landing page by customizing and perfecting your contact form is crucial for boosting conversion rates in terms of creating leads. Each of your form’s fields should be clear and concise for your visitors, making a clear balance between getting more information and lead conversion by optimizing the number of fields you need to include. A obvious call to action should also be integrated, whether or not you have offered the provision of a white paper, an ebook, or whatever offers you may have provided.

4. Improve Your Landing Page Call To Action

A landing page is as good as its ability to convert site traffic into leads or sales. Without this ability, a landing page is practically useless. A great call to action should be an integrated part when optimizing your focused landing page, clearly specifying what you would like your site visitors to take as a next step. If the visitor finds these things confusing, they will most likely leave and you lose this very precious opportunity for conversion.

There is no doubt that optimized and targeted landing pages are very crucial not only for your Pay-Per-Click or Search Engine Optimization campaigns, but for your overall digital marketing campaign as well. Conversion that pushes lead generation or sales is the ultimate goal for conducting digital marketing in the first place – and your optimized landing page sits bang right in the middle of all this. So create and optimize your targeted landing pages now!


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