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Results Driven Content Marketing To Grow Your Audience and Drive Sales


In the digital age, customers don’t want to buy from salesmen. High pressure marketing tactics don’t work the way they used to, and online customers are wary of businesses that try too hard to land the sale without winning their trust first.

That’s where content marketing comes in.

Content marketing is about providing your ideal customers with helpful, informative, and entertaining content in order to earn their trust and get them into your sales funnel.

Loud Crowd Digital is a content marketing agency that specialises in producing real content for real people. From high quality blog posts to shareable infographics to engaging videos, we can help you grow your audience and win more sales.

Shout Your Brand Out Loud

Content marketing is a multi-pronged approach. It encompasses your website copy, your blog, your social media accounts, your email lists, and more. Every one of these channels is an opportunity to shout your brand out loud to the world.

We develop content in accordance with your brand guidelines and company values so that everything you present to the public helps increase your brand recognition and awareness. We look deep at who your target audience is and find the best possible way to connect with them on an emotional level—whether  that’s through writing, a video, a meme, or more!

Of course, branding is just one element of good content marketing. All the while we are also pushing towards more solid objectives like growing your email list, increasing lead volume, and earning more social media shares.

Drive More and Better Traffic To Your Website

Digital marketing can get complex, but when you boil it down, the overall formula is pretty simple. More visitors on your website equals more leads. And more leads equals more sales.

But it’s not just about increasing the quantity of your web traffic. The quality matters too. A thousand new visitors a month isn’t worth a dime if they aren’t interested in your services at all.

So at Loud Crowd Digital, we find opportunities to create content that will attract audiences at various stages of the buyer’s cycle. For example, we will find informational keywords that are being searched by people who are almost ready to buy what you have to offer. And we’ll craft blog content that is helpful to them while also framing you as the best possible solution for when they are ready to spend.

But content marketing is about so much more than your blog. Almost every message can be communicated in multiple ways. That’s why we can produce videos, social posts, graphics, ebooks, and more to consistently funnel targeted traffic to your website.

Boost Your SEO Campaigns

Content marketing goes hand in hand with search engine optimisation. Today, Google values high quality, user-friendly content more than ever before. Gone are the days when you can rank for competitive keywords with spammy, barely legible writing.

So as we fill your website with more and more quality content on a consistent basis, the search engines will begin to recognise your authority in your field. In other words, when Google bot compares you to your competitors, they will see that you are a much larger and better source of information. So who do you think Google is going to rank higher?

In the end, every SEO campaign is a content marketing campaign. And Loud Crowd Digital takes this to heart.

Win Press Coverage and Build Links

Content marketing is all about getting seen. Sometimes, that means getting in front of your target customers. But equally important is being recognised by media outlets and online publishers.

Good content gets rewarded. When you create a new online calculator that makes people’s life easier, or publish a fun, engaging video, people are going to take notice. Loud Crowd Digital has spent years forming connections with authoritative bloggers and press release agencies. We are poised to get your content shared on some of the most relevant sources available in your industry.

Why does this matter?

First, and most obviously, when you have big news outlets and popular bloggers linking to your content, it is going to drive traffic. In essence, you are piggybacking on the trust of these sources, and their visitors will click through to site.

Additionally, backlinks from high authority websites are crucial for SEO. They are the number one ranking factor because they signal to Google that your site can be trusted.

Grow Your List

You can’t rely on organic traffic alone, of course. If you do, then you are only marketing to your customers when they are actively looking for you. By growing a dedicated email list, you can market to your audience on a regular basis.

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to transform cold leads into real customers. Essentially, you can convince visitors to subscribe to your list no matter where they are in the buyer’s cycle. Then, through a series of strategic emails, you move them further and further down your funnel until they are finally ready to buy.

At Loud Crowd Digital, we can help with email marketing in many ways. For starters, we create highly valuable lead magnets, such as ebooks, to convince visitors to sign up for your newsletter. Then, we can even create compelling email series to help move your subscribers down your sales funnel.

Build Your Audience and Engage Them on Social Media

If you are looking to make your brand go viral, content marketing through social media is a must-have. Social media is all about engaging your audience on their own level, often in fun (or funny) ways.

We can help you create a strategic social media plan that gives your business the best chance of earning the social shares you deserve. Then, we will create compelling social media content that is highly targeted to your audience.

Over time, you will see your social media followings grow, and you’ll get more and more engagement from them. All this adds up to more leads and more sales through social content marketing.

Get More Out of Your Content Marketing

Content marketing is only a beast if you let it be one. When you try to handle every aspect on your own, while you’re also trying to run a business, chances are that you’ll burn out or just fail to see the results you want.

Choose Loud Crowd Digital as your content marketing agency of choice, and let us grow your audiences, your brand, and your sales.